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Ancestral Wisdom for Challenging Times

A 7-Week Video Immersion

About the Course

Are you feeling overwhelmed by what is going on in the world? We are all facing unprecedented challenges every day.  What if there was a set of guidelines, principles, and philosophies that could help us face these challenging times?  What if ancient cultures not only foresaw these times and challenges we faced but actually lived through similar or harder times?  


Could there be wisdom and advice that might help us figure out a way forward?


That is exactly what Tony Ten Fingers, Lakota teacher, mentor, storyteller and author and Nate Summers, survival skills expert, author, and nature mentor will be looking at and exploring in this seven week series.  

The course will consist of live weekly Zoom classes starting Saturday August 28th.  AIl of the classes will be recorded and available for viewing at your convenience.  In the course, we will look at specific practices, tools, and techniques to help us all be more individually resilient and connected  and how to build a more resilient culture and community including:



-The Seven Stage of Life from a Lakota Perspective and the rites and ceremonies associated with each (this will form the core bones and frame of the course)

-Seven different key components for building and regenerating nature and culture all around us including Storytelling, Rites of Passage, Ceremony, Identity, Original Instructions, and more!

-Take home field exercises and journal practices each week to incorporate into your daily life


-A lively, alive, inspired, adaptive class feeling each week as we work with participants' specific questions, concerns, and experiences to craft each class to what's really going on.

-Additional Topics may include: Survival Skills, Original Human Nature, Our Relationship with the Elements, Creating Ceremony, and Building Regenerative Relationships with People and Nature.

By the end of the course, you will be have a set of new tools and teachings to help prepare your for our changing world. You will also have the opportunity to reimagine your life through the lens of our ancient hunter-gatherer roots and how we might all build safe, regenerative, and resilient communities for ourselves, the planet, and others.  Recordings of all classes will be available to participants!


Zoom conference calls
Saturdays at 10:30AM PST
Every week for 7 weeks

Recordings available!


Early bird price sold out!

Tickets still available at full price $217


August 28         10:30 AM
September 4    10:30 AM 
September 11  10:30 AM 
September 18  10:30 AM
September 25  10:30 AM
October 2         10:30 AM
October 9         10:30 AM


Contact Nate Summers:

Free Bonuses

-PrimalNature: Rewild Your Life E-Book ($18 value)

-Wild Foods Cookbook ($18 value)
-Excerpts and Interviews from Primal:Why We Long to Be Wild and Free
-PDF Report: Sacred Blessings-Alternatives to Sage
-Bonus select interviews and videos from the Primal Living Conference ($37 value)
-60 Days Access to all Video Recordings from the Class
-Class Notes and Field Assignments


Nate Summers

Nate Summers, author of Primal: Why We Long to be Wild and Free, and Awakening Fire: An Essential Guide has been a survival skills instructor for over 20 years with a background in anthropology, Asian studies, and natural medicine. He taught and directed at the Wilderness Awareness School for over 15 years, and  has served as faculty for the Desert Institute of Healing Arts, the Asian Institute of Medical Studies, and as adjunct faculty for Prescott College. Nate's passions include ethnobotany, natural mentoring, hunter-gatherer childhoods, natural movement, herbal medicine, internal martial arts, mentoring, and leadership.

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Tony Ten Fingers
Tony Ten Fingers (Wanbli Nata'u), Ogalala Lakota, Author, was born and raisedd on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in Oglala, South Dakota.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Ogalala Lakota College and his Master's Degree from the University of Hawaii. He conducts training for Native youth and young adults, and lecture nationally and internationally.  He has contributed significantly to Nature Awareness School programs in the continental US.  Recently, he presented to the UN in an Indigenous Wisdom Global Conference on Climate Change.  For him, Nature Awareness instructs the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness skills needed to live in balance with the natural world and with each other. It provides us with an innate ability to resolve today's current issues.  By applying traditional leadership principles and qualities to contemporary issues we obtain formidable navigational skills for this complex world. 

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