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The Simple Power of Ginger

When I teach people about the fundamental ideas of how to live a more fulfilled, vital, and nourishing life I often start with the simple things. So often that is exactly what we overlook or are unable to engage with from our overly busy stressful lives. Making simple easy changes can have profound results. And there are so many really powerful medicines and elixirs available to us even from the grocery store. One of the most easy and best to use is Ginger.

My wife Karen drinks a hot infusion of fresh ginger root every morning. She simply pours water over a few slices of ginger root at night and allows it to steep in a thermos all night. This is a wonderful warming remedy that enhances digestion and circulation, gives energy, and also helps fight and prevent colds and flu.

Ginger root can be used either fresh or dried. Fresh root tends to be stronger and better at preventing colds and flu and building the energy of the body. While the dried form tends to have a stronger effect on the digestion and helps to stimulate the appetite.

Both forms of Ginger are some of the most powerful anti-nausea medicines on the planet. Drinking ginger tea is one of the best ways to deal with morning sickness and it is also very helpful during a stomach flu.

One of the very first remedies you learn in Chinese Medical school involves making a simple ginger tea with fresh ginger root to help the body break a sweat and push out colds or flu at the early stage.

Finally, in some parts of China folks drink ginger tea as a much cheaper energy building tea in place of expensive products like ginseng. Ginger is used best in fall and winter and perhaps spring. It's warming and stimulating energy is probably a little intense for most people during the summer.

As we go into the fall and winter here in the Northern Hemisphere I encourage you to try this very simple Nourishing Life home remedy.




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