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A New Green Fire: Nature and Eco-Spirituality

NEW Upcoming E-Course!

A New Green Fire:
Nature and Eco-Spiritutality

Powerful Practices for Challenging Times
Live 9 Part Video Series

About the Class

In this multi-week Zoom-style online class, Nate Summers and a group of visionary, empowered Guest Instructors  will lead participants on a rich and deeply connective journey into the interconnections between nature, spirituality, and ecology. 

Have you always felt a special connection to nature and the outdoors?
Have you had experiences in nature that you would call spiritual?
Have you longer for more?  For Teachers and Guides who can help and enhance that connection and journey?
Are you curious about ancestral traditions around nature and spirituality?
Do you long to connect with like-minded people around these topics?
If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above, then this course is for you!
For millenia, human beings have developed myriad practices that deepen their relationship to place, honored the natural sacredness of nature, and found answers to theri deepest spiritual questions in the wild .  You could say it is a human birthright.


Yet, in the 21st century we face myriad complexities around honoring where we came from, being respectful of the land and people of the land we now live on, and also the darkness of an increasingly pervasive destructive lifestyle and worldview.  

Going back to the original spiritual matrix of : our own connection to place and nature, can reveal a path that enables us to go forward in a powerful, respectful, and hopeful way.

During the course, we will cover topics such as Animism,  Ceremony, Nature Spirits/Fae Folk, Our Spiritual Connection to Animals, Plants, and Trees, Visioning, Prayer, Honoring the Sun and Moon Cycles and much much more.  All of the teachings will be presented in a holistic way that is non-appropriative of traditional cultures.  Each week participants will be given multiple take-home exercises to deepen their connection to nature and the Sacred in their own lives.  Ultimately, this course will provide the foundation for developing and creating your own nature spirituality path to nourish yourself, the land you live on, and your community.

Each class will be 90+ minutes long with ample time for questions and answers.

All classes will be recorded and available for your viewing convenience! 


Zoom conference calls

Tuesdays 10:30 AM-12PM PST

Every week for  9weeks

Starting Tuesday, February 14th


Recordings available!

Early Bird: $227
General: $297

After Monday, Feb 1st


Session 1: Nature as Original Spiritual Matrix: deep connection between Nature, Spirituality and Ceremony

Session 2: Ancestral Traditions, Animism, and Connecting to Where you Live

Session 3:  Spiritual Connections to Animals and the Wonder of Encounter

Session 4:  Connecting with Nature Spirits and Making Offerings

Session 5:  Asking Sacred Questions of Nature and the Power of Trees as Sacred Beings

Session 6:  Ceremony, Nature, and Co-creation with the World Around You

Session 7:  Sun, Moon, and Star Cycles and The Wild Sacredness of Place

Session 8: Nature, Oneness and Natural Meditation

Session 9:  Wrapping the Bundle and Putting it all Together

Each week an email will go out to participants with a summary of what we covered, access to a video link of the class, and exercises to practice and do.

At the end of the course, participants will be given permanent links to all of the class material including the ability to download, a PDF of relevant info, and summary of what has been covered!


Instructional Team

Lead Instructor, Head Facilitator
Nate Summers, M.Ac.

Nate Summers is an ethnobotanist, natural movement instructor, and survival skills instructor with a strong background in earth-based ceremony, ritual, and spirituality.  He is the author of Primal: Why We Long to Be Wild and Free and Awakening Fire: The Essential Guide to Flame, Ignition, and Wood.  Nate has served as a faculty member at the Wilderness Awareness School, the Desert Institute of Healing Arts, and the Asian Institute of Medical Studies and has taught students all over the world.  He has been fortunate enough to have had many deep teachers and mentors from around the world.  His approach includes wisdom from his teachers from these traditions, deep spiritual connection to nature and place, and his own Northern European and Celtic ancestry.


Sarah MacLean Bicknell

Sarah MacLean Bicknell is a healer, teacher, and mentor. She has studied healing and ceremonial work in North American indigenous traditions for 30 years. She has incorporated her Celtic roots into her present North American practice and is sought out for her intuitive readings, workshops, ceremony, and her soul doctoring practice. She stands in deep gratitude to her elders and teachers that have gone before and stands firmly in her own vision, a vision that is related and crafted for these times of the 21st century. Her work is about connection, community, ceremony and respect. Also raised in the Western world, she has lived the loss of  disconnection and is profoundly thankful to her indigenous elders who taught her how to re-arrive more fully into her life.

SW Virtual photo.jpg
Tony Ten Fingers
Tony Ten Fingers (Wanbli Nata'u), Ogalala Lakota, Author, was born and raisedd on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in Oglala, South Dakota.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Ogalala Lakota College and his Master's Degree from the University of Hawaii. He conducts training for Native youth and young adults, and lecture nationally and internationally.  He has contributed significantly to Nature Awareness School programs in the continental US.  Recently, he presented to the UN in an Indigenous Wisdom Global Conference on Climate Change.  For him, Nature Awareness instructs the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness skills needed to live in balance with the natural world and with each other. It provides us with an innate ability to resolve today's current issues.  By applying traditional leadership principles and qualities to contemporary issues we obtain formidable navigational skills for this complex world. 

Karen Joy Fletcher
Lead Instructor

Karen Joy Fletcher, MPH is a writer, Qigong teacher and ambassador of Chinese medicine and healing arts. She loves sharing her passions and the wisdom she’s gained through her teachers and studies in the East, West and the majestic forests and mountains around our Planet. She is a personal student of Grandmaster Xu Mingtang of the Zhong Yuan Qigong lineage, has studied and traveled extensively with him at Shaolin Monastery in China and throughout Eastern and Western Europe. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and also is a long-time student and interpreter for Master Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr. Zhao Fuxue. Karen co-leads Qigong & Wilderness treks in Western China, and teaches Qigong and a playful and powerful nature-connection practice called Earthgym at schools, festivals, organizations and retreat centers throughout the U.S., Canada and China. She was also invited to speak as one of 21 Qigong experts worldwide at The Qigong Effect Online Summit earlier this year.


Dana O' Driscoll 

Dana O’Driscoll spent most of her childhood in the wooded hills of the Laurel Highland region of Pennsylvania, making mud pies, building brush cabins, and eating berries. Thankfully, little has changed, and she can still be found practicing permaculture, wildcrafting, and natural arts and is often covered with paint, dirt, or both. Dana is committed to working with the living earth as an animist druid, listening to the voices of the trees, and hearing the song of the mountains. Dana is a certified permaculture designer and permaculture teacher and practices regenerative living on her five-acre homestead. Dana currently serves as the Grand Archdruid of the AODA and is an Ollave Adept in AODA.   Dana is the author of Sacred Actions: Living the Wheel of the Year through Earth-Centered Sustainable Practices (Red Feather, 2021) and is the author/illustrator of the Tarot of Trees, Plant Spirit Oracle, and TreeLore Oracle. Her writings on druidry, plants, and permaculture can be found at The Druid’s Garden ( 


Instagram @druidsgardenart


Eleanor O'Hanlon

Eleanor O’Hanlon is a writer and conservationist, with a passion for re-connecting with the inner, spiritual dimension of our relationship with wild animals and the natural world. Her book Eyes of the Wild Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers takes the reader on a remarkable journey of close encounters with whales, wolves, polar bears, brown bears and wild horses, in the company of indigenous guides and field biologists who are renewing ancient ways of finding inner connection with the wild.

Eyes of the Wild was awarded the Nautilus Gold Book Award for Nature Writing, and has won praise from leading ecological voices for its innovative blend of personal experience, science, story-telling and spiritual insight.

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