MODOC Bows- Indigenous Bow-maker

Hi all. I think I've mentioned how lucky I am to meet so many cool people in the work I do. I wanted to feature a friend of some friends this time. Josh is a traditional bow-maker that I heard about from some former students of mine. He makes traditional bows and has great perspectives to share on being an indigenous person practicing traditional skills.

You can find out more about Josh and his work through Instagram @modocbows

(You can even get him to make you a custom bow!!!)

I got to interview Josh back in the summer and here's the interview:

  1. Can you share a little bit about why you make bows and why it's important in this day and age?

I make bows because its one of the healthiest ways I have found to decolonize myself in a world run by rich white land owning males.

Making bows is good medicine for me and my people. Many folks that are Klamath /Modoc like me are amazed to see this craft still being practiced by one of their own.” Most of our traditional skills are usually held by white males and are exploited for money and novelty.”  It is a lost craft where my people were relocated from over a hundred years ago during indigenous genocide to make way for “manifest destiny.”