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Survival Plants 1: Ancestral Vitamin C

I've decided to start added some of my favorite plants to my blog. It's hard for me to even contemplate practicing/doing survival, rewilding my life, and being in touch with me primal nature without considering plants. From picking wildberries to making fire to harvesting really powerful medicines. Plants are one of the most practical and easiest ways for us to start really practicing a primal life!

Here's a great example:

If you're reading this blog, then there's a good chance that your ancestors survived through the winter by eating the hips of this plants: Rose. That's right rosehips. Rosehips are an amazing natural source of vitamin C, and they also provide a decent among of sugar...long after most fruits of the summer and fall are long gone! Your ancestors might have prevented scurvy by eating these tart fruits in the form of teas, honeys, or simply chowing down on them out in the wild.

You can see how the plant is clearly a rose by the thorns on the branches, the edged leaf-margins, and if you look closely at the hip you'll see the remnants of the rose flower.

Here's another look:

If you like this kind of thing, I'll be added more and more plants to this blog over time. Someday I may even write my own plant book!

But for now, here's an amazing thorough medicinal, edible, and survival plant book by my colleague Nicole Apelian:



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