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Nourishing Life

NEW Upcoming E-Course!

Wildcrafting Ceremony:
Nature, Spirituality and Ritual

Powerful Practices for Challenging Tims
Live 10 Week Video Series

About the Class


In this ten-week, Zoom-style online class, Sarah and Nate will lead participants on a rich and deeply connective journey into how to create and perform nature-based ceremony.  For millenia, human beings have developed ceremonies that deepen their relationship to place, honor the sacred, and create transformation for themselves and the world around them.  You could say it is a human birthright.

For millenia, human beings have developed ceremonies that deepen their relationship to place, honor the sacred, and create transformation for themselves and the world around them.  You could say it is a human birthright.

Yet, in the 21st century we face myriad complexities around honoring where we came from, being respectful of the land and people of the land we now live on, and also the darkness of an increasingly pervasive destructive lifestyle and worldview.  


Going back to the original place where ceremony emerges from: our own connection to place and nature, can reveal a path that enables us to go forward in a powerful, respectful, and hopeful way.

During the course, we will cover topics such as Ancestors, Dreaming, Purification, Nature Spirits, Catching Songs, Visioning, Prayer, Elements of Ceremony, Honoring the Sun and Moon Cycles and much much more.  All of the teachings will be presented in a holistic way that is non-appropriative of traditional cultures.  Each week participants will be given multiple take-home exercises to deepen their connection to nature and the Sacred in their own lives.  Ultimately, this course will provide the foundation for developing and creating your own ceremonies to nourish yourself, the land you live on, and your community.

All classes will be recorded and available for your viewing convenience! 


Zoom conference calls

Fridays at 10:30 AM PST

Every week for 10 weeks
(plus Bonus feedback class at the end)
Starting Oct 16!


Recordings available!

Early Bird: $147
Before Oct. 14
General: $197

Session 1:  Introduction to Nourishing Life Principles and Seasonal Wisdom 

Session 2: Fortifying the Jade Screen: Maximizing Immunity

Session 3:  The Flow of Qi-Cultivating and Understanding Vital Energy

Session 4:  Building the Three Treasures-Essence, Energy, and Spirit

Session 5:  Ancestral Eating, Nourishing the Center and Creating a Healthy Diet

Session 6:  Elixirs, Tonic Herbs, and Magical Beverages

Session 7:  The Art of Tea 

Session 8:  Stoking and Nourishing the Inner Fire:Deep Rest, Fundamental Energies of the Body

Session 9:  The Great Harmony-Stories and Secrets of Longevity and Wisdom

Session 10:  Wrapping the Bundle, Integrating Nourishing Life Wisdom into One’s life

Session 11:  Special Bonus class, reflections, final Q and A, next steps

Each week an email will go out to participants with a summary of what we covered, access to a video link of the class, and exercises to practice and do.

At the end of the course, participants will be given permanent links to all of the class material including the ability to download, a PDF of relevant info, and summary of what has been covered!


FREE WILD FOODS COOKBOOK: Wild Feasting by Nate Summers

Not available anywhere else yet.  Pre-release.  Valued at $27



Special report on Chinese herbal protocols for treating COVID-19


Meditation Practices from Qigong Grandmaster Xu Mingtang to help with challenging times


Teachings from Doctor Zhao on the Heavenly Star Points


Teaching Video on Golden Snake Coils Around Tree Exercise

When you register for the online course!

Receive these Special Bonuses
Nate Summers, M.Ac.
Lead Instructor

Nate Summers has been a student of, practitioner of, and teacher of Qigong, Chinese Medicine, Internal Martial Arts and Natural Healing Arts for over two decades.  He is the author of Primal: Why We Long to Be Wild and Free and Awakening Fire: The Essential Guide to Flame, Ignition, and Wood.  Nate has served as a faculty member at the Wilderness Awareness School, the Desert Institute of Healing Arts, and the Asian Institute of Medical Studies.  He deeply loves plants and empowering others in their health journey by connecting them to the Green World all around them.  Nate has taught survival skills, ethnobotany, herbal medicine and natural movement to people all over the country and all over the world.  He loves foraging for wild foods with his family, playing outside barefoot wild and free, and making medicine. 

Nate Summers 2A.jpg

Karen Joy Fletcher
Lead Instructor

Karen Joy Fletcher, MPH is a writer, Qigong teacher and ambassador of Chinese medicine and healing arts. She loves sharing her passions and the wisdom she’s gained through her teachers and studies in the East, West and the majestic forests and mountains around our Planet. She is a personal student of Grandmaster Xu Mingtang of the Zhong Yuan Qigong lineage, has studied and traveled extensively with him at Shaolin Monastery in China and throughout Eastern and Western Europe. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and also is a long-time student and interpreter for Master Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr. Zhao Fuxue. Karen co-leads Qigong & Wilderness treks in Western China, and teaches Qigong and a playful and powerful nature-connection practice called Earthgym at schools, festivals, organizations and retreat centers throughout the U.S., Canada and China. She was also invited to speak as one of 21 Qigong experts worldwide at The Qigong Effect Online Summit earlier this year.

Reishi Strauss
Guest Instructor

Reishi Strauss is an Appalachian-born herbalist and mycologist now based in the Pacific Northwest, where she attended Bastyr University and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Herbal Science. A lover of the intersections between science and spirit, Reishi has taken courses in Pharmacology, Ethnobotany, Herb/Drug Interactions, the History of Herbal Medicine, and more .. layered onto her foundation of Appalachian folk herbalism. Reishi is also passionate about utilizing plant & mushroom medicines in a way that is respectful and reciprocal to the Earth and the indigenous communities who steward them. Reishi owns & operates her own medicinal mushroom business out of her yurt on Orcas Island called Earth & Spirit Botanicals, although she currently resides high up on Chirripo Mountain in the Talamanca mountain range of Costa Rica.

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