Ancestral Relationships with Snow P1

It snowed a lot here recently.  Like a lot, a lot. We had close to two feet of snow over a five day period with no real melting.  It’s been two weeks since the snow came, and while we’ve had melting now there’s still tons of snow on the ground.

Two feet of snow in the lowlands of Cascadia is enough to freak people the f*ck out.  It shuts down everything, at least for a little while. Even though it snows like this once a decade or so, there is no real snow infrastructure to deal with accumulations on roads.  Schools shut down, businesses shut down, and it gets scary icy...especially at night and in the early mornings.

It can be super hard on people who lose work and money, and it can be truly frightening for people who get snowed in and their power goes out…

And it can also be incredibly fun, exciting, and an opportunity to experience and see the landscape in a new way!

During the recent Snowmageddon, my family and I were fortunate enough to experience the later.  Rather than freak out, we explored, played, had fun, and relished in the temporary shutdown of everybody’s overly busy lives.  We noticed neighbors checking in on each other and helping each other out. Our housemates and our family all hung out and chatted and spent more time together, and most of all we got out in the snow and experienced what the world is like covered in lovely white powder that is in a perpetual