Mongoose Mentoring, Way of the Io, and the Cloud Rain Forest

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Wow!  Hawaii continually makes me say wow.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to the Hawaiian islands on several occasions, often professionally, and I’ve always been stunned by the beauty of the islands, the people, and the overwhelming wonder of the lush flora and fauna everywhere.

My journey this time took me, my wife Karen, and our young son Orion first to the Big Island of Hawaii itself.  While I’ve had other adventures before on Oahu, Kauai, and especially Maui, our first trip to the Big Island held a particular magic.  We were invited by Mariah Mann, the founder and head teacher of Journeys in the Na’au to come and teach a Coyote Mentoring workshops focusing on different educational techniques and approaches that promote deep nature connection for kids and adults.  Mariah also runs the nature enrichment program at Kona Pacific Charter School, and several of her fellow staff were able to attend the program.

Mariah and I had planned for some time for the weekend, and we were able to assemble a solid, experienced dependable team including Jenn Wolfe, Nick Poccia, Annika Skoog, Paolo , Mariah, my wife Karen, and myself.  This was a delightful group to work with, and we experienced an ease of communication, plenty of aloha spirit amongst us, and an ability to adapt to sometimes challenging circumstances.

Our gathering started the day before the program as several of us were able to join Uncle Tony, a Hawaiian teacher of traditional skills and knowledge for a ceremony down at the beach on his