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Nicole Apelian

Hi everyone! One of the truly amazing aspects of writing Primal was all of the great people I got to interview, connect with, and hear their stories. The very first person I was able to interview was Nicole Apelian, a star of the show Alone, a mother, an herbalist, holistic doctor, and friend of the Kalahari bushmen.

The stories Nicole shared and her insights greatly informed chapter one of my book: Sur-thrival. Nicole provided deep insight into our relationship with fire, our longing for deep nature connection, and how we balance these with our modern busy lives. In a future blog post, I am hoping to share the interview I did with Nicole in a podcast-style format. But for now here's more information about Nicole:

-Nicole's website:

-Nicole also has her own blog:

-And she just came out with a book she co-authored:

Check out her work and tell me what you think!


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