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The Power of Snow

Snow has descended upon Cascadia in very large quantities for the second year in a row. Last year we experienced what many residents called Snow-mageddon or a Snowpocalypse as we had around 18 inches of snow over a two to three week period of time last February...

I totally understand how hard it is for some people especially around work and safety when it snows heavily. But I am loving the 9+ inches of snow we've received over the last 36 hours! It's amazing to see the land lit up with snowy whiteness, the tracking becomes great for at least a short time, and perhaps most importantly something deep, wild, and ancestral wakes up inside of me with all of the snow.

After all, my ancestors come from snowy regions, and facing the challenge of snow, ice, wind, and cold has deep roots for a lot human beings. In fact, for my new book Awakening Fire, I've been researching our deep and ancient relationship with fire, and it's pretty clear that it was because of fire that our ancestors were able to move north and live in climates that have snow and ice in the winter.

Part of our survival journey and awakening our primal selves is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and facing challenges like the cold. At least snow also provides us with beauty, wonder, and opportunity to live and play wild and free.

So, let's embrace the ancient wisdom and power of snow!


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